Capturing the spirit of the Bible with Prayers and Blessings from the Holy Land!

I am a spiritual kind of guy, and I am motivated by scripture, sayings, phrases and quotes.  I collect them!

One day I got the idea of setting my collection to beautiful art and sharing them.  I printed up magnets and put them on my office door for my team to see, and there was a consistent buzz about which were the favorites. There were always comments and soon my teammates were bringing in their own to share!

On a plane ride home to Israel, I was saying my daily prayers and the beauty of the liturgy was speaking to me. And I wanted to figure out how to share that with my fellow faithful. And for all those who love Israel as I do, how could I bring a piece of Israel to those who cannot easily travel there? After two years of research and development into media, printing technology, and manufacturing, Blessings from Israel was born.

Our mission: To bring God’s spirit and the spirit of the Holy Land of the Bible to the faithful worldwide through stunning and personalized works of art.

About the Tiles

Our tiles are thousands of years in the making! From the blessings excerpted from the Bible and Psalms to the genuine Limestone mined and finished in the land of Israel, we capture the soul and holy resonance of the Land.  And you can make this a part of your home!

Our stone is mined in and around Judea and Samaria. Once extracted from the earth, it is transported, cut, and polished locally into tiles. Each tile of natural Jerusalem stone in our standard collection measures approximately 20 x 20 cm and weighs 1 kilo (2.2lbs). It is a true piece of the promised Land of Israel!!

As we embarked on this project, I marveled at how each tile is unique. I am amazed how nature creates such color variation of the stone. The differing veining within the stone are stunning.  No two tiles, even from the same slab of stone and printed with the same design, are exactly the same.  Imbedded in the stone are the color changes, veining, fossil remnants, and even chipping and spalling of the stone.

Add to that the beauty of the art creation by our artists and you can bring the spirit of the land of our forefathers right into your home in a magnificent, affordable piece of art. 

Be it a blessing for your home or business, the priestly blessing for your children, a biblical verse, or a prayer of healing for a loved one, you can proudly display these works of art as both an embellishment for your home and a daily devotional.

I have my own personal mission statement on a beautiful tile and I am able to say it daily as I leave for my work.

            I am now going to secure my livelihood, and I trust in God to give me the power to be successful. To provide a living for myself and for my family in an honorable manner, so that I may perform acts of kindness, and so that I may fulfill properly the commandments of my creator.  Help me, O Lord, for the honor of your name. Rabbi Eliezer Papo, (the wonderful counsel), circa 1824

With wishes for Blessings and success, as it is written: And may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled for good!

Gerry Engelhart, Blessings from Israel.

variation of tile


Home Blessings

Home Blessings

Bring the presence of the Divine into your home with this blessing for home and family. These blessings remind us of our desire to create a positive environment under the values of our religion and to bring light into the world.  Choose from our many designs and texts, personalizing them to your family. These make a perfect gift for friends, family, hostess, and more.

door blessings

Door Blessings

In keeping with the ancient Jewish tradition, a mezzuza is affixed to the doorpost of one’s home, often holding a scroll containing the prayer from the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9) affirming ones’ belief in God and relationship with Him. As it is written, “and you shall write them and place them on your house and door posts.” This 3 x 7 tile captures the spirit of this blessing on the doorposts of your home! (Scroll not included).

Inspirational blessings


Words of comfort, encouragement, inspiration, and more beautifully designed and printed to hang in your home or to give as a gift to friends and family. Passages are from Psalms, the Bible, prophets, and scholars – a true blessing from the Land of Israel!

Blessing on children

Blessings for Family Members

Praying over our family members is a powerful reminder of who they are at their best and who we are at our best – and how important it is to keep the guidance of the Lord first and foremost in our thoughts as we interact with each other.

Blessings for Children | Blessing for a wife | Blessing for a husband| Blessing for a Mother | Blessing for a Father | Blessing for a Grandparent

Blessing for Healing

Blessing for Healing

 To seek healing of body and mind for a loved one captures the divine presence of God in our prayer! Customizing for the person you are praying for holds the person in your heart with every glance at the tile.

Memorial Tribute

Coming Soon! There can be no better way to honor and commemorate a loved one than with this “living” memorial tile. Available with optional urn to house the ashes of our loved one. Also available for pets.

Memorial tile| Memorial tile for a pet |
  A special resting place| A special resting place for a pet